The Effect That Music Has On Studying

The Effect That Music Has On Studying

Austun Reid, Staff Writer

Music is a big influence on everyday life. People remember things more when music is put to it. Do students concentrate more when they listen to music?

According to scientists form The Discovery Center, music does help students study, and can furthermore help recollection on tests, resulting in better grades. The type that is being listened to may not help with studying.  Baroque Classical music is said to have mind-boosting effects. If classical is not your type of music, there are other types of music that stimulate the same concentration levels. More modern music, such as Trip-hop, Nu Jazz, Ambient House, Ambient Trance, New Age, and other music at a low tempo, are great for studying.

Scientists said what they think about listening to music while studying, what do students do while studying? Edine Gebreyesus (’19) recites, “I listen to music while I’m studying, because I have to listen to something in the background to focus. I can never work in just silence, or I can’t concentrate.” Eric Morrisey (’19) quotes, “I listen to music when I’m studying, and when I take a test, I sing the songs in my head that I was studying to, and I remember what I studied.”  Jezzane Maglanque (’18) recalls, “I don’t listen to music because it distracts me, but I watch tv at a very low volume.”

Music is a good stimulator for studying, whether you watch tv, listen to classical, or pop, background music is bound to help students study, and maybe improve test scores. According to NPHS students, music, and background noise help concentration.  Listening to background music can help improve test score, so in a next study secession try to listen to music.