Bringing Evanescence Back to Life


Arianna Howard, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, November 18, Evanescence returned to the DMV for the first time since 2012 in a sold out concert. One of the last nights of their fall tour, the rock band thoroughly blew fans’ minds with their setlist that included a wide array of songs from all of their albums. On top of that, they featured songs from before they were even signed, as well as a new song, entitled “Take Cover.”


The Fillmore, in Silver Spring, was packed full of fans of all ages, all gathered to celebrate the return of a band that hadn’t put out new music since 2011. What attendees were not expecting, however, was an incredible opening band. Veridia, an alternative rock band from Tennessee, definitely rose to the challenge of being the opening act for a band like Evanescence. Their merchandise line at the end of the night even rivaled that of the main performers.


The whole night was full of high energy performances that had the crowd on their feet and dancing, as well as singing along with the music. It was obvious that Evanescence had been missed since they announced their hiatus in 2012. Over that time, lead singer Amy Lee had a child and produced a children’s music album. As well, Terry Balsamo, the guitarist, departed the band and was replaced by Jen Majura, a German guitarist, bassist, and singer.


The concert was practically a rollercoaster, with how they would play intense, heavy songs, and then move to slower, more passionate songs, with a grand piano even being moved onstage for a few pieces. Even when it was over, the fans were desperate for more, and Evanescence obliged, with a cover of “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson.


One huge Evanescence fan at this school is Dominique Cunningham (’17). What she likes about the band is Lee’s voice and the sound of the instruments, something unique to Evanescence. What really sets them apart to Cunningham is that “their sound is distinguishable, which was difficult for all the different bands that made music during the time they were popular to say.” Christian Price (’18) is also a student who has been listening to Evanescence for as long as he can remember. “They’re a band that sticks out among other rock band,” he explained. “Their sound is so unique to them and it’s not overdone like some bands in the genre. I like them because they never changed their image or sound to fit in with what other bands were doing.”


For those who couldn’t attend, the final show of the tour was streamed on Evanescence’s FaceBook page and is now available on YouTube.