The Podcast Boom


While many people of the younger generation (early teens to mid-twenties) seem to follow the social media trends (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), there appears to be a new trend on the rise, one recognized less by the younger generations and more by those in their thirties or older (and some of us teens). That trend, ladies and gentlemen, is podcasts. As North Point Senior Calvin Gao puts it, “Nowadays, anyone can make a podcast for the purpose of anything.” There can be no denying of Calvin’s statement, as it is literally true. For instance, The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) focuses on its host, Joe Rogan, who spends his time interviewing a variety of guests (sometimes multiple), including but not limited to political figures, scientific experts, professors, philosophers, Mixed Martial Artists, and many more, all for the purpose of gaining new perspectives on life and for the sake of healthy argumentation. Conversely and on a mostly unrelated subject (considering the variety of the JRE), Meditation Oasis, is a podcast dedicated to meditations tracks, designed for a variety of purposes, whether being to relax the listener, invoke sleep, and even focus. Obviously, the list of podcasts and different subjects a podcast can cover is practically infinite. Broad discussion topics such as arts and entertainment, sports, comedy, literature, lectures, and philosophy, are all just barely scratching the surface of the potential and already existing variety of the podcast universe. Perhaps unlike the younger social media trends that are popular right now, many podcasts offer an educational experience for listeners, allowing them to broaden their intellectual horizons. North Point Senior Aaron Abshire states that “I have been able to learn more from listening to podcasts than in a few of the classes I’ve had to take over the years, and they are way more fun to listen to than some of the lectures.” Podcasts are booming now, perhaps a more educated society will be a product of their popularity in the near future as well.