Art Spotlight: Chamber Choir

Art Spotlight: Chamber Choir

It seems like such an injustice to have so much talent and individuality tucked into the back corner of a hallway that rarely gets used by most students, yet there the choir classroom sits. Sitting in the room no one would think for a second that anyone is concentrating on something as trivial as the location of the class.

The chamber choir is made up of students with an intense blend of backgrounds, hobbies, upbringings, and reasons for being there. This would normally drive a group to insanity and in-fighting, yet all members seem to have one similar passion that brings them all together through thick and thin; music. Mrs. Helming, the choir teacher, even put the group’s character into words saying, “We have people that do all kinds of things but they all bond and find common ground when it comes to singing,” she then added, “The music is what brings us together.” The choir seems like a vibrant bunch of students that check their egos and judgments toward others at the door so they can perform better as a group.

Every class begins with a warm-up, which consists of a series of vocal exercises as well as some sight reading. The sight reading; which is reading and performing music at first sight, without preparation, seemed to be the only thing that students didn’t seem enthusiastic to do. This warm-up prepares the students for the challenging portion of their auditions for all county choir. With only two weeks until their try-outs for this elite choir, the stress was clear but most seemed confident to face the challenge. Senior and veteran soprano singer Iliyah Coles laughed when asked if she felt ready for the audition. “Of course. It may look like we’re goofing off sometimes, but we work hard and I feel like I’ll be prepared,” she confidently replied.

Class introductions and ice-breaker activities are often hated by almost all students, but not in choir. Mrs. Helming put her own spin on this lifelong school tradition with an activity where students had to pair up, write, and perform a song about a classmate to introduce them to the class. Another Senior, Addy Hebou, played a guitar as he introduced Junior classmate Amre Keyes. Hebou sang a song with the chorus “Welcome to Chamber” as he sang about Keyes’ interests, sports, and favorite foods. After he finished he was met with a round of applause and Keyes was met with a classroom full of new friends. When Hebou was asked what brought everyone together he referenced activities like that where Mrs. Helming promotes a group atmosphere, even saying, “we’re a family and we would do anything for each other because our love of music brings us together.”

The group will soon perform at a memorial for a former student of North Point. There, the Chamber Choir will sing the National Anthem and one more song. After that, they look forward to their Winter Concert on December the 7th. Many students commented on the fact that they felt unready at the moment but were certain they would be able to get in shape in no time at all. The family atmosphere and the group unity will make that an entertaining concert for all. The hope is to see everyone there!