The Bigger Picture

Melanie Battle, Editor-in-Chief

The Golden Globe Award was first created 75 years ago by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in January 1944. The award is used to recognize excellence in film and television. Each year, films, television shows, actors and actresses are given this prestigious award.

This year, the 75th annual Golden Globes ceremony was broadcasted on January 8th. In response to the previous year’s recognition of sexual assault allegations that dogged Hollywood, the ceremony focused very heavily on women. Celebrities made a statement with their all black ensembles in their show of solidarity for the mission of the anti-sexual harassment group Time’s Up. “I think it’s pointless because it doesn’t do anything to help the cause. It seems like they’re just pretending to care,” sophomore Warren Whitaker confesses. Junior Francesca Bruce had other thoughts, “sexual harassment is actually very common, but it’s usually brushed off by society and I think celebrities wearing black to the Golden Globes to raise awareness is wonderful since it puts the issue in the spotlight.”  According to CNN, the “pre-show promenade was fueled by one mantra: don’t stand out, stand up.” Men and women alike showed up in black in support and to raise awareness for Time’s Up’s agenda.

The message didn’t stop on the red carpet though. During her acceptance speech of the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement, Oprah Winfrey exuded raw emotion. Winfrey acknowledged the women who had gained courage to speak up about the abuse and assault they had endured. She expressed the admiration and gratitude she had for them. The speech is ended with Winfrey explaining that the era of, “a culture broken by brutally powerful men,” is now over. She says, “their time is up,” and that we, as a people, are moving towards a new time, “when nobody ever has to say ‘Me too’ again.” Winfrey refers to the “Me too” movement which is the hashtag, #MeToo, that is used to denounce sexual assault and harassment. Women are using it accompanied by personal stories of sexual harassment or assault and as a space to empower each other through empathy.

The Golden Globes was way bigger than just an awards ceremony this year. It was used as a platform for solidarity and support.