Taylor Swift’s New Reputation


Kristina Dawkins, Staff Writer

Pop singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has finally let the public know her true “Reputation.” After a mighty anticipation, the recently controversial star released her album titled Reputation, on November 10, 2017.

It seems as though this new album is foreshadowing a new era for the once preppy pop star. In her music video for the single, Look What You Made Me Do, Swift displays a great contrast from her more fluid and traditional style. At the beginning of the video, you are taken bird’s eye view through an ominous, and also, stormy town. You are then presented a tombstone in a graveyard saying, “Here Lies Taylor Swift’ s Reputation.” This video came out August 27, 2017 on YouTube, making it a very exciting preview of what was to come for the new record.

The album, Reputation, has a total of 15 songs on it, 4 of them being singles she’s released as teasers beforehand. First of all, it is important to note that the record itself was highly anticipated. Besides the fact that a greatly popular popstar, who hasn’t released any music in 3 years is finally coming back from the dead, her fans [Swifties] are always keeping tabs on her; as she does to them. Saying this, the album comes out to be mildly underwhelming. The singles she has released prior, such as “Look What You Made Me Do”, don’t amount to much but a catchy tune. 10th grader, Nihya Dejene believes otherwise, raving about the album saying, “I love this new album so much, it’s major girl power, and I love that!” Even so,with a 3-year hiatus and overdrawn expectation of a “new me”, one would expect a tad bit more from the star with all the spice in her life to create a legendary album.

Swift, staying true to her niche, has been rumored to have written a set of songs on the album from her previous and even current relationships. The tune “Gorgeous” was rumored to have been penned after the English actor, Tom Hiddleston. The short-lived relationship of “Hiddleswift” was not only controversial, but also frankly quite cringe-worthy. On the track, Swift sings about meeting a new guy, and being upset that the two of them aren’t together. The chorus goes like this: “You’re so gorgeous / I can’t say anything to your face / ’cause look at your face.” Then she goes on to mention “Ocean blue eyes” which resemble those of Hiddleston fairly well. Of course this is all but a rumor, and it certainly isn’t something that Swift herself would confirm.

The album, in conclusion, is respectable and catchy, but nothing more, and nothing less. The star has yet to release anything that hasn’t hit the top of the charts, and if we are honest, that probably won’t change.

Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation is currently available for physical and digital sale, at most music providers.