William Shakespeare’s Macbeth: An Interview With Riley Seaman


From January 28, 2022, to February 13, 2022, the Port Tobacco Players, Inc. featured William Shakespeare’s Macbeth play. The play was produced by Carol Charnock and Erica Klonkowski and directed by Craig Hower, a member of the PTP’s Board of Directors. The cast included 17 unique and talented individuals, some of whom were playing more than one role. I interviewed Riley Seaman, who played Malcolm and “Murderer 3” in the play. Malcolm is the son of King Duncan, played by David Thomas, and brother of Donalbain, played by Jonathan Russell.  

Riley Seaman kindly explained the audition process, saying, “It was basically just writing down an acting resume, then meeting with the director, stage manager, and dramaturge. I had a Shakespearean monologue prepared so I performed that. They also had us do cold readings from the script with other actors at the audition to see our energy together. After they got what they needed, they sent us home.”  

The following questions were asked after this initial exchange, along with Riley’s responses: 

Did you enjoy playing the character(s) you portrayed? 

“I enjoyed playing Malcolm and “Murderer 3” very much. Malcolm, though, was much harder to play. Playing Malcolm required me to act refined and serious, something I am definitely not. There was a scene I had to perform that lasted around 15 minutes and it involved memorizing multiple paragraphs of lines.” 

What’s the biggest challenge in taking on this role? 

“The biggest challenge I had with this role [Malcolm] was having to stop moving my hands so much. I also had to slow down and really enunciate my speech.” 

How was performing in front of an audience? Were you nervous? Excited? 

“There is always that nerve that comes from performing. Over the years I’ve gotten used to it though. I just wanted to do a good job.” 

Do you feel like you performed well? Why or why not? 

“It was honestly a hit and miss with how I felt during my performance. Some nights were really good, others were really bad. Overall, I did the best at my last day of performing.” 

Overall, what would you say your favorite part of this whole experience was? 

“My favorite part of this was meeting all the wonderful people I acted with. I felt a huge loss when the show ended. It will be an experience I will never forget. Also, keeping the throne was my favorite part of the actual play.”