Liberia Declared Ebola Free

Deveren Manley II, Staff Writer

Recently, the disease Ebola has become a popular topic around the world. Ebola is an extremely deadly disease if contracted that causes sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting, impaired kidney function, etc. The disease is normally contracted from animals first, and then once incubated in a human, can be spread from one human to another. The small villages of Africa have been a prime breeding ground for the virus especially near rainforest. This is because of the people’s interaction with the surrounding animals. Liberia has been one of the many African countries affected. It has faced the Ebola virus for a year now. There has been 9, 265 cases reported and about 4, 057 deaths as result of catching the virus.

Despite their struggles, the country has been able to receive help in order to get their country clean of the disease. The last Ebola patient in Liberia was released from their treatment center on March 5. The country has gone the past couple weeks without a confirmed case of the virus. Now that the countries’ fight with Ebola is about over, many citizens are taking time to remember all of those who were lost in the fight against Ebola.

It is sad though Liberia’s neighboring countries are not having the same luck fighting the disease. Guinea and Sierra Leone still struggle. Some reports have as many as 60 new cases each week reported in these countries. While the world is facing its greatest battle against the Ebola disease let’s hope we can have more countries end up as Liberia.