What to Do This Summer

What to Do This Summer

With the school year winding down, it is hard not to anticipate summer. No school, no homework, and a lot of free time. Summer is a long three months and it’s hard not to get bored sometimes. Whether plans fell through or there wasn’t anything planned in the first place, there are other things to fill up those summer months. Here are few things to do in the summer:

  • Volunteering (Animal Shelter, Library):

During the summer there are ton of volunteer opportunities. Volunteering is not only enriching, volunteering provides the opportunity to help others. Volunteering hours also looks good on college applications. Volunteering opportunities include helping out at the local animal shelter (ASPCA) or spending some time assisting at the library. These opportunities will grant the ability to help out causes in need and provide something to do in the summer.

  • Getting outside (parks, sports):

This is something parents say all the time (and something that is usually ignored), but getting outside can’t be that bad in the summer. There are chances to play sports, catch a game at the Blue Crabs Stadium, or go to the pool. Soak up the few months of warmth available each year and enjoy it.

  • Starting a business (babysitting, food):

Starting a business doesn’t have to be on a large scale. Maybe baking is a passion; try starting up a cupcake business. Like animals? Try starting a dog walking business, or try watching people’s pets while they are on vacation. These are quick ways to make money doing something enjoyable.

  • Learn something new:

Learning something new can never hurt. This can vary from learning a new language to learning to play an instrument. Mastering this new thing can occupy time, and lead to the discovery of new talents.

Lindsey Johnson (17’) says she has an internship this summer, “an internship is a good way to earn money and gain experience in a field I want to pursue in college.” Summer doesn’t have to be filled with marathons of entire series on Netflix, or sleeping all day. Summer can be filled with new opportunities and experiences that fill up the entirety of the three months.