Podcast Spotlight: Info Wars with Alex Jones

Podcast Spotlight: Info Wars with Alex Jones

Jacob A. Longoria, Staff Writer

Conspiracy theories for the most part are like the lottery. Most of the time the odds of their truth are slim, but whenever proved, the repercussions of their revelation can be massive.

“Info Wars,” is a podcast completely dedicated to conspiracy theories. Info Wars is considered by many to be an incredibly controversial source of information. Of course, a controversial show needs a controversial host. Alex Jones is the personality, the brains, and the controversy behind Info Wars. Alex Jones outside of his work on Info Wars is an intense radio personality, who has been at the center of many controversies. Some of the more famous controversial involvements include Jones’ support of the 9/11 Truth Movement, claims of the U.S government’s involvement in the Oklahoma City bombings, and more recently, comments about gun control over the Sandy Hook School Shooting. Several public figures have declared that Alex Jones is a “far-right” conservative. However, Jones has claimed that he is a libertarian, as well as a paleo-conservative – some famous examples of paleo-conservatives include Ronald Regan, Antonin Scalia and Calvin Coolidge).

Most people who know Alex Jones, republicans and democrats alike, when they hear his name, understand immediately that the next few sentences that follow will most likely tell of something completely outrageous. The real question however, is “what is wrong with that?”

Unfortunately in today’s society, we are taught to accept one theory or idea over the other (or even several others for that matter). We lose sight of what is potentially in front of us because we refuse to listen to anything that bursts our bubble of security. Such is the case with Alex Jones. While his conspiracy theories most often are truly crazy and in a lot of cases untrue, there have undoubtedly been moments when he has been correct.

Regardless, Alex Jones is an American citizen and has a right to his opinion. It is in our best interests as fellow citizens, to listen to what he has to say. Instead of completely writing him off right off the bat, why can’t we deconstruct his arguments and prove his theories wrong, that is, if there is wrong to be proved.