The Trump and Comey Controversy:


Recently this past week, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, was officially dismissed by President Donald Trump. Reasons for his dismissal according to President Trump have been Comey’s inability to effectively lead the Bureau in its current state. Many news sources however speculate that the reasons for Comey’s dismissal are not as simple as President Trump’s claims. It is widely speculated that President Trump was under investigation by James Comey for claims regarding illegitimacy of President Trump’s winning over the 2016 Presidential Election.

In a sense, James Comey was essential to the Trump campaign back in 2016, as he played a major role in investigating and revealing details about the Hilary Clinton email scandal. Which may have significantly affected the popular vote that resulted on Election Day. Historically, James Comey is known to have a “strong sense of justice.” The former director of the FBI apparently answers to no higher power and investigates with intent to serve justice. This seemed abundantly clear with the 2016 Presidential Election with his persistent claims of Hilary Clinton’s disregard for security when handling classified documents through her personal email account. With Comey’s actions in mind, it isn’t unreasonable to assume that he would treat President Trump with the same judicial respect for the sake of the law. The timing of James Comey’s dismissal only seems to solidify President Trump’s actions as suspicious. Many sources speculate that Comey’s dismissal was an attempt the temporarily halt the Russian interference investigation for the election of 2016.

It is also worth noting that some of Comey’s associates have claimed that President Trump upon winning the election had asked for his loyalty. According to Comey’s associates, Comey denied this “request for loyalty.” This is perhaps what gives way for the speculation (and rightfully so) that President Trump is perpetuating the downfall of the Russian investigation.

Since James Comey’s dismissal, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has become the acting director in light of recent events. Former Director of the FBI Robert Mueller has been placed in charge of the Russia investigation as well. As the media continues to connect the dots based on the information given by the FBI, more speculation begin to arise, pointing in the direction of Donald Trump’s connection to Russia during the 2016 presidential election. The Trump administration has yet to prove otherwise, and continues to act in a fashion that leads many to believe the speculations are true. The only question left now is how will these recent events effect Trump’s presidency?