Charles County Substitute Teacher Arrested


Kristina Dawkins, Staff Writer

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office has made the arrest of a Charles County Public School substitute teacher. Keith Allan Krikstan, 30, allegedly took part in an exchange of explicit photos with a female middle school student.  Krikstan is no longer a substitute at Charles County Public Schools.

Keith Krikstan was arrested and charged with child pornography, sexual abuse of a minor, and displaying sexually explicit materials to a minor. The detectives have released that the students at John Hanson Middle School reported to school resource officers on Jan. 11, that Krikstan had inappropriate talks and communications with another student at the school. Krikstan allegedly convinced the girl to send him provocative photos, and he then sent similarly graphic ones to her.

12 grader, Jahlen Grant-King, says “While it’s really unfortunate that all these teachers and substitutes are being caught as pedophiles, it’s great that they’re all being caught.” She goes on to include that “if we were to continue to allow these situations to go on, our ignorance would prove to be our downfall.” Jahlen, like may others, wants to see change occur within the county to combat any further incidents.

The exchanges reportedly started last December, when he received the minor’s phone number, and continued through communication networks such as FaceTime and social media. All computers and cellphones have been seized from an issued search warrant.

Kimberly A. Hill, Superintendent of Schools in Charles County, sent out an informational newsletter to staff, guardians, and parents about the arrest that occurred the morning of January 16. The letter goes briefly into what the Board Of Education and Sheriff’s office currently know on the situation and Krikstan himself. According to the Board of Education, “He was fingerprinted, completed orientation, training and a background check with the State of Maryland and the FBI. No previous criminal history was uncovered.”

You are encouraged to report anything inappropriate or unusual whatsoever. Please contact Detective E. Webster at (301) 609-6558 to submit your report.