Airline Abominations

Multiple airline companies are under fire on social media for their shrewd business practices.

Multiple airline companies are under fire on social media for their shrewd business practices.

Kevin Rohrbaugh, Staff Writer

A year and 18 days have passed since the infamous United Airlines assault, and it seems nothing has changed in the airline industry. In the past weeks, Delta has been under fire for two incidents, as well as Sun Country airlines for a similar underhanded move.

The airline industry makes its money off 100% booked flights. They purposefully overbook flights past capacity in the hopes that a percentage of passengers will not be able to make the flight and will leave them with the same number of passengers as seats. This process left one man to be forcefully dragged off of the overbooked United Airlines flight when he wouldn’t give up his seat to another partially-rightful owner. United only commented that they wish “that it never got to the point where; when no one volunteered, the airline was forced to ‘involuntary de-board’ one of their passengers.” This lack of apology and general disturbing footage left many investors pulling out of the multi-million dollar company.

In another incident, Delta was accused of locking a pet dog in the airtight overhead storage compartment against the wishes of the dog-owner. The dog was found dead of asphyxiation upon arrival after the 4 hour flight. This only started the late April plane controversies however, with Delta not claiming any responsibility after a woman was fined $500 dollars for bringing the apple that she was encouraged to continue eating from the plane through customs. On the international flight, apples were one of the snacks passed out, and a 34 year old woman was encouraged by flight staff to “go ahead and take it with you” according to multiple passengers. She was subsequently fined for “smuggling produce,” according to a representative for the customs agents. Senior Brandon Rodriguez-Theodore quipped that, “I would be so angry if I had to pay more for eating Delta fruit than I did for the Delta flight.”

Another airline under fire is the Mexican based Sun Airlines, who only flies seasonally to America. There was bad weather in the Midwest that grounded flights, and some spring breakers in Mexico had their flights back to Minnesota cancelled. There’s nothing wrong with a cancelled flight, however Sun airlines did not pay to reschedule their flights (They aren’t Legally required to…) and failed to tell the passengers that their cancelled flight was the very last into the United States this year. Sophomore Greg Stokes added, “Just because legally they didn’t have to put them on another flight doesn’t mean they couldn’t have flown them into the states or booked them another plane.” They did very little to help the stranded Americans and overall left a bad taste in the mouth of many paying customers.

It’s unclear whether airline tickets have declined, but many believe that large companies like Delta may be forced to dissolve into smaller subsidiaries to deny the detriments of poor name association.