Notre Dame Cathedral Severely Damaged by Fire

Jenna Middleton, Staff Writer

The Notre Dame Cathedral has been standing in Paris since it first opened in 1345, attracting nearly 14 million visitors per year. On April 15th, the world watched in despair as the 300-foot spire of the cherished Cathedral burnt down. Not long after the devastating event, many rushed to pitch in funds to help rebuild and renew the Cathedral. More recently, the Paris Authorities have issued a statement concluding that there is no danger in breathing the air around the Cathedral as it is not contaminated by the large amounts of lead that the buildings frame contained. The Building itself has been deemed “toxic waste” by the French environmental group, Robin des Bois, and has advised the authorities to detoxify the remains of the building. As of today, still no threat of lead poising is posed to the neighborhoods around what remains of the Notre Dame Cathedral.