Gloria Steinem: A Journalistic Revolutionary

Women’s History Month begins Wednesday, March 1st. All women regardless of race, class, or sexuality will be celebrated all throughout the month of March.

Gloria Steinem has a unique interest in accordance to the Eagle Eye due to her past achievements. Steinem was the creator of “Ms.” magazine. “Ms.” was a popular magazine in the 70’s that was centered around political and social change. Gloria Steinem focused on highlighting and exposing ideas on gender equality, although she did have segments on other societal issues in her magazine.

Steinem was incredibly controversial for her time. She was a member of the feminist party and was part of many political movements like the Women’s liberation movement and the Equal Rights Amendment. Her magazine allowed for an opportunity for women journalists to speak out about things going on around the world, which was a very new idea at the time.

Gloria Steinem’s strength and perseverance has influenced generations of women to become journalists and activists. She gave a voice to the women of her time and her influence is still being seen 50 years later.