A High School Senior During a Pandemic

During these unprecedented times not only has the North Point High School community been required to get used to a new norm, everyone around the country, and the entire world have been forced to make major life changes and life altering decisions. Since March, there is no denying that things have changed drastically in many different aspects – work, home, education, short and long-term planning, and most importantly health.

Charles County Public Schools, and many others, have started the school year fully online with a plan to transition to a hybrid model. Thankfully, my personal experience with online learning has been an overall positive experience. I understand the content, am not afraid of reaching out to my teachers and peers, and take advantage of asynchronous days to stay on top of my work. Although mentally I have prepped myself for the possibility of not experiencing some of the great milestone memories we often associate with being a senior, I silently and relentlessly hope for a traditional (and safely executed) graduation ceremony.

Another area that has drastically changed is the college prospecting and application process. Understanding the constraints that the pandemic has placed on the facilities ability to consistently administer the exam and students’ abilities to take the exam, many colleges and universities are not requiring students to submit SAT or ACT scores. As a student who has signed up to take the SAT three times and all three being canceled, I greatly appreciate the optional decision. Applying for college is already a very stressful process for seniors and parents alike and the many factors that the pandemic has brought made it a lot more stressful. However, this senior is thankful that her family and friends have not had to prep for the loss of a family member, a job, or food and shelter due to the pandemic.

I feel that it is important to look on the bright side of this new norm. Virtual learning has gave me the opportunity to form closer connections with my friends and family and more time to focus on myself and my future. I encourage seniors and every student at North Point High School to still find ways to enjoy this year for what it is!