Seniors Salute Staff


Jenna Middleton, Staff Writer

As the seniors last days of high school come to an end, we want to know how the staff has helped them get to where they are today. Many students feel grateful for all the opportunities and support given by the staff at North Point as their time here comes to an end.  When asked how the teachers and staff of North Point have helped get you get to where you are today, senior Alissa Kenney said, “They pushed me to limits I didn’t know I could reach. I’m extremely thankful for this because it helped me to become the successful student I am today and prepare for college.”

Senior Daniela Lepe responded with, “They encouraged me to try my best and keep pushing to become a better student.” Along with Daniela and Alissa, senior Courtney Edelen also felt that the teachers pushed her to become a better student. She said, “They have helped me work on my scheduling, time management, and helped me know what I needed to improve on. They even helped me to be more confident as they helped me through bad times and pushed me to get more involved in the school.”

As senior year comes to an end, the students are thankful for the amazing staff at North Point and all of the opportunities that they have been given.