Theresa Alo: Living in the Medium

Teacher’s Personal Art is Showcased


Dr. Alo stands proudly with her favorite collection

Daniel Gonzales, Staff Writer

On March 31st, 2019, one of North Points’ art teachers hosted an art gallery at the Mattawoman Creek Arts Center featuring her work. Dr. Alo has been at North Point [duration of time] and went to [college/university] for her [degrees]. She teaches [classes she teaches at school] and seeks to help her students grow creatively through inspiration and different creative techniques. Below is an interview with Dr. Alo.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about your art gallery as a whole?

A: My last solo art show was at the Mattawoman Creek Arts Center located inside Smallwood State Park.  It is the only professional venue in Charles County.  I had to apply and be juried into the gallery for the showing.  My show entitled, “Theresa Alo:  Living in the Medium” was in the gallery for a month.

Q: What forms of art were included in the gallery? 

A: Included in the show were approximately 115 artworks.  The mediums used to complete these works included clay, acrylics, watercolors, charcoal, and graphite.

Q: Do you have a preference in the type of medium you use to create? 

A: My first love is clay.  I was introduced to clay when I was a sophomore in high school when I was forced to take an art class.  I had never had art class before other than in elementary school.  I moved into the different mediums when I found that some galleries do not have space on pedestal stools and that is when I branched out into the different mediums in order to be competitive in galleries that mainly offered wall space for two-dimensional art.  I then began making clay pieces that were able to be hung on the wall.

Q: Where do you look to for inspiration for you work? What inspires you? 

A: I find inspiration everywhere.  I do a lot of travelling and take an enormous amount of pictures.  I use these pictures as a starting point for many paintings and drawings.  I find that when I work on the potter’s wheel, my mood dictates the first couple of pots.  There is not a set procedure for utilizing clay in an art piece; instead, the challenge is what inspires me to create.

Q: What quality do you think an artist should have to be successful/to be a good artist? 

A: I think a successful artist needs to be open to criticism.  Learning from another established artist helps in an artist’s growth.  Artist also need to be persistent and passionate about what they are doing.  I believe that if you can make a person viewing your artwork feel your passion, then you have produced a fine piece of art.

Q: (When) Do you have plans to showcase your work again in a gallery/exhibition? 

A: I currently have artwork on display in a group show at the Community Bank in Waldorf, Maryland, Mattawoman Creek Arts Center, and The Waldorf West Library.  I will be the only three-dimensional artist at the Port Tobacco Court House beginning in June.  I also have a website;