How People are Helping Those in Need During the Pandemic


Selena Kooy-Bernal, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact many countries all around the globe. Schools are shutting down, public facilities are closing, people are getting laid off, businesses are struggling. There’s a lot going on during this time; people are struggling to live comfortably. Essential workers risk their lives everyday by allowing themselves to remain in contact with hundreds of other people. Healthcare workers risk their lives by testing civilians and treating those infected. The hard times are no joke, and the world is lucky to have good people that are here to help during this pandemic.

Hotels are a large help to the homeless who don’t have any money to get by. Rooms that have been paid for by donors or given to for free are being opened to homeless who are worried for their health and safety. An organization called Homeless Angels that has a web page for people to donate so homeless families can be provided with a hotel room. All their donations go to providing housing. There are also many hotels that offer free housing. The Marriott has donated $10 million for hotel rooms for healthcare workers. The Marriott also allowed for consumers to donate reward points to others who need a place to stay.

Many people don’t realize it, but quarantining is a large help to themselves and others. Social distancing and quarantining allow for people to reduce contact as much as possible. This can help lower the hospitalization rates and the spread of the virus. People are taking this for granted and younger generations don’t social distance because “they are young and won’t die.” If that statement was true, it doesn’t excuse the fact that they’d be spreading it to other people who could potentially die. This ties into wearing a mask and gloves when going out. It may not prevent the spread entirely, but it does spread awareness and people who are not taking any safety precautions may be influenced by others’ actions. People also help by washing hands and disinfecting open essential places.

Popular fast food chain, Wendy’s, also came out to help people during the coronavirus. People struggle to get food after being laid off, so Wendy’s offered free nuggets on April 24, 2020. No purchase was required to get the small but helpful meal. They also offered a promo code for free nuggets on Postmates. Taco Bell also did something similar by offering free tacos. They did this on April 7, 14, and basically almost every Tuesday. Other fast food places that have or are currently offering free food are Burger King, Starbucks, Steak ‘n Shake, McDonald’s, and more.

There are tons of celebrities who have donated thousands to millions of dollars towards charities to help people during the coronavirus. Celebrities also donate food, items, services and more. Some of those celebrities are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively who donated $1 million to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. Bethenny Frankel is donating 1 million face masks through her company BStrong. Brad Paisley has a free grocery story in Nashville opened to people impacted by the pandemic which also provides a delivery service for elderly people. Taylor Swift has donated to the World Health Organization, Feeding America, some individual fans, and more. There are hundreds more celebrities who have donated to charities or are giving out meals and items.

Unfortunately, the pandemic will continue to sweep across the nation, and there is currently no prediction on where the state of countries will go but we can only hope for things to return to normal. Most importantly, remember to stay quarantined and try to help those people in need the best you can. Keep yourself and others safe; this is a time to work together at a distance instead of rallying against each other!