Back from Break… I Mean Lock Down

Leah Ross and Farah Leblanc, Editors

March 13, 2020, our last regular school day. We were all excited for a two week break, yet we were surprised with an 18-month long break, which none of us expected. Fast forward to August 30th, 2021, our first day back from break.. I mean lock down. A lot of things have changed within the past year. Things we’re not used to have become our new normal. As we’re adjusting with the changes, things are slightly getting better and we’re slowly getting back to the community we used to be 18 months ago. We have swapped old traditions for new traditions. From being able to just simply sit down at a lunch table, to having to check in with a QR code each time we sit down. Everywhere you look, people are wearing masks and our administrators are doing everything they can to keep us safe and socially distanced. Although this will take time getting used to, us North Point Eagles can withstand anything and we will soar through this year with greatness.

Some students think being back in person is better than being virtual. “It’s a better experience then last year,” Antonio Alford, class of 2024 stated. “It makes it easier to grasp every aspect of school,” another student, Marcus Moore, class of 2025 said. “What about the QR codes and new school regulations?” we asked. “It is there for a reason, so I respect it,” Antonio, our first interviewee said. Marcus Moore says, “It’s necessary.” Lastly, we asked them if they liked virtual or in person school better and why. They both said in person. “Because I get to see my friends,” Marcus Moore says. “It’s more of a hands on experience,” Antonio Alford answers. Two different responses, but same outlook on being back.

After receiving opinions from students, we can see that, although there will be obstacles, the students of North Point High School will persevere and make the best of this school year.