Student of the Month


Farah Leblanc, Editor

At North Point we recognize student each month, that have gone above and beyond. Students who have shown what it means to be not only an excellent student, but also a good person. We interviewed all the students that were chosen.

We asked each student the same 3 questions: (1)How does it feel to be student of the month? (2)What sets you aside from everyone else in this school? (3)What is your favorite thing about school? Here are the students chosen and what they had to say for student of the month for October 2021:

Neelah Mtui, 11th grade:

(1)”It feels unreal to be chosen as student of the month.”

(2)”I think that my good work ethic sets me aside.”

(3)”My favorite thing about this school is the collective friendliness of others.”


Liliana Gordon, 12th grade:

(1)”It is rewarding and fulfilling to be chosen. It meant so much to be recognized and I am very grateful for Mrs. Newton.”

(2)”I am unsure what sets me apart but I take pride in my grit.”

(3)”I love the challenge my courses bring me.”

Jewel Adedusoye, 9th grade

(1)”It feels good to be chosen.”

(2)”What sets me aside? I’m different in a way. I was chosen and I was working hard for it.”

(3)”I like my math class because I get to learn different things.”

Matthew Reyes, 11th grade

(1)”It’s unexpected.”

(2)”I don’t know what sets me aside from everyone else.”

(3)”The social environment is my favorite thing about school.”


Christian Muschette, 9

(1)”It is unexpected to be chosen, but it feels great.”

(2)”I don’t know.”

(3)”My favorite thing about school is I get to spend time with others.”

The students chosen this much were recognized by the their teachers for showing outstanding behavior. Congratulations to all the students who were chosen this month. Continue to soar with greatness and I can’t wait to see who joins these students next month.