The Big Snowstorm!


We started this year with a great snowstorm. Many people enjoyed the snow, but travelers were stranded on Interstate 95 for almost 21 hours. Being stranded on the highway became a survival project for many. There was no food or water available, which led them to sleep in the cold for hours. This snowstorm started Monday morning when a tractor trailer lost control and jackknifed, triggering a chain reaction to other vehicles. It was reported that salt trucks did not plow for hours. The Virginia Department of Transportation opened the interstate Tuesday evening around 8:30pm. The National Guard was not deployed because the difficulty of getting workers and equipment through the snow and ice. A state Department of Transportation engineer stated, “This was entirely too much for us to keep up with.” A few good samaritans were also jammed in this traffic. A Connecticut family walked up and down the lines of cars and shared bags of oranges with others. Even bad situation there will always be someone to uplift your spirit.