The End of Highschool and The Start of the Real World

Hi Seniors, as you’ve noticed, your school year is coming to a close very quickly, and everybody is wondering what to do once the day comes around. May 20, 2022 is your last day, and even though you have to come back for graduation practice, you are no longer in school.

Seniors always ask, “what do you do once you’ve officially started your adult life?” The real question is what don’t you do. Everything you didn’t have time for before because of school, you can do. Get a job or pick up a new hobby like cooking or playing the piano. Just do something that is relaxing and you enjoy because after the summer, your life will pick back up right where you left it with more intensity and stress.

After high school, some of you might never see each other again. After the school year is over, you can spend that time to hang out with your friends. You can go out to get something to eat or go shopping; whatever it is, having fun with your friends can be a refreshing break from the reality that you will soon be confronting.

Another thing you could do after graduation is travel. Even though travelling can be expensive, there are ways to make travelling more affordable. One thing you can do is go on a road trip. Take the car and some people you enjoy spending time with and drive to the beach. It is a relaxing experience that could be fun if you make it.

There are many things that you can do. Whatever you choose, just make the most of your time with whatever you choose to do because once the summer is over, the real world begins.