Tips to stay safe this allergy season

Spring is coming soon…and along with that, so is allergy season. Allergies do not affect everyone at the same time; they can affect you during the different seasons. Allergies are caused by several types of pollen. Most people are allergic to the pollen that comes from the trees, and during the spring, the pollen count from trees is extremely high which is why spring is the main allergy season. This allergy season will be hard for everyone, especially with Covid still around. It will be hard to know if someone has symptoms of Covid or just seasonal allergies. So, here are some tips to keep you safe this upcoming allergy season: 

-Wash your hands multiple times a day and try to avoid touching your eyes. 

-Try and keep windows closed and use air conditioning to prevent pollen from getting into your house. 

-Do laundry more often to keep pollen off your clothes. 

-Try to avoid windy days. 

-Take allergy medicine if possible.