Boys LAX Lose Rematch Against Lackey

North Point 2     Lackey 4

Hopes were high at North Point’s first home game on Friday, April 16. The boys were facing off against Lackey for the second time. “We’ve improved and we’re going to do better,” said Attackman, Lomond Johnson (’11).

The boys came out with intensity as Kenny Dacumos (’10) and Sam Messener (’10) made a few shots in the first quarter. However, Lackey took the lead with two goals but Goalie, Josh Caron (’10), made a save, keeping Lackey from scoring a third goal within the first quarter.

Lackey was still able to score two more points during the second and third quarters. North Point fought back, scoring two points in the fourth quarter.

“We pulled it out at the end,” said Diamante Spruill (’10) who made an assist in the fourth quarter.
Attackman Sam Messener (’10) scored the first goal within the last few minutes of the game. Lackey was unable to keep up as Nick Messener (’12) scored the second goal.

“The  last three and a half minutes we played were the best we’d played this season,” said Coach Sollohub at the end of the game. “When we started to play our lacrosse, they couldn’t keep up.”

“Coach is all about playing right,” said Jarel Chisholm (’11). “It’s not all about results, it is about how we play.”

The team has been improving through out the season. After losing 1-12 against Lackey the first time, the gap has gotten smaller with a final score of 2-4.

“We did good in the 2nd half of the game, especially towards the end when we got our two goals, but we need to come out playing with urgency,” said Matt Holden (’12).

“We just need to wake up and get in the game faster,” said Spruill, who hopes the rematch against Westlake on April 20 will offer better results.