Winter Sports Season Has Arrived

Fall sports season has officially ended. Soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs, cross country sneakers, golf clubs, and field hockey sticks are all being packed away while another set of sporting equipment is unloaded.

Winter sports season formally began November 15, escorting in a new period of practices, team work, and school spirit. Rather than through the grounds, music thumps through the cemented bricks instead, inviting the crowd of fans to rush in from the chilling cold to the warm North Point Gymnasium. Members of these sports teams are training long and hard, anticipating the new season and hoping to make it even better than it was in the Fall.

“I’m excited because I love basketball. I want to see what we can accomplish this season. We have a great team,” shared varsity basketball player, Gerel Simmons (’11).

“This year I’m expecting the team to win states. I’m expecting big things from myself. I’m a lot faster,” added indoor track runner, DJ Briscoe (’12).

All the players are excited and looking forward to victory in their upcoming games. However, a team would be nothing without its coach. The Winter Sports coaches have been making plans, setting goals, and create strategies to ensure that their teams are ready to start the season off strong and end it even stronger.

“I’m excited because we our hosting our first competition ever at North Point. We’ve already started choreography and I think we’re going to have a great routine,” said Mrs. C. Smith, poms coach.

“It’s a new year. This is our 4th year of varsity at North Point. I’m excited to see what the team can do. I want last season’s success to carry over in to this season.” said Mr. Ball, varsity basketball coach.

Winter sports include basketball (girls and boys freshman, junior varsity and varsity), boys indoor track, wrestling (junior varsity and varsity), cheerleading (freshman, junior varsity and varsity), poms, and boys and girls swimming. Senior players of these sports will be celebrated during Senior Night. Every team’s Senior Night will take place during their last home game for the season.

For some students the winter season is a chance for them to transfer from being athletes to being supportive fans. There are plenty of events that students can look forward to such as basket ball’s Waldorf Holiday Classic, cheerleading’s Charles County Competition, poms squad’s North Point Invitational, and wrestling’s Southern Maryland Atheltics Conference tournaments.

Joining the Eagle’s Nest is something to consider for those students who are interested. Eagle’s Nest is a club sponsored by coach Serpone in which club members come together as the North Point student section for both home and away sports games.

Sports fan, Taylor Nissan (‘11), said “as a member of Eagle’s Nest I’m very pumped to go to the games and get loud!”

“I like going to basketball games. I have a lot of school spirit and I love supporting my team!” added Natacha John (’12).

Visit,, and watch the morning announcements for more information and updates about upcoming and future events. Make this make this season a great one. Go Eagles!!