North Point Golf Finishes Strong

North Point Golf Finishes Strong

The North Point golf team has had an almost perfect season with only one loss to McDonough.  In the next match, the team will be playing this season is against Patuxent (3-7) and Northern (9-1). North Point’s biggest competitor of the season has been Northern. But the Eagles aren’t too concerned.

KanDeon Niravanh (’14) said, “I’m confident because I know I’ll shoot better than I did yesterday.” The Eagles are well known because of their talented new additions to the team, Haley Carr (’15), the top female golfer in the Southern Maryland Athletic Conference (SMAC), and Marcus Byrd (’15), the lowest scorer in the conference.

Coach Skinner said, “Marcus has the lowest scoring average in the SMAC. Haley Carr is the best in SMAC. They’re very young, and very good.” The team was confident in their new players, along with their old. Looking back on the season, Captain Eric Sawchak (’12) said, “We’ve done pretty well. A lot of young guys and we’ve had a lot of really good matches.”

North Point’s golf team is one of the top competitors in SMAC. With a record of 8-1, the team has had a strong season; that doesn’t seem to be ending soon. Their last game was scheduled for September 27, but it was cancelled due to rain. The game is said to be rescheduled for October 5. The team isn’t worried though, as Haley Carr (’15) said, “I’m not nervous because we have a really strong team, and I think we’re going to do well. It’s not that I’m cocky, I’m just confident that we’re going to do well.”

There are a lot of high hopes and spirits for the game against Patuxent and Northern next Wednesday. Coach Kirby said, “When we play our game, there really aren’t that many teams that can beat us.” The team has a strict structure, “The team is first, personal situations are for later,” said Marcus Byrd (’15). The team is very focused and determined in what they have to do. They hope to do very well at the game next Wednesday, and Coaches Skinner and Kirby are very confident in their chance of a win.