North Point Athlete Excels at Two Varsity Fall Sports

North Point Athlete Excels at Two Varsity Fall Sports

North Point doesn’t know what type of talent they are holding in their hands.  Bryce Fuggit (’12) is a talent that North Point has not had in their five years of varsity sports. On Fridays, he is with the varsity football team kicking extra points and field goals, but the rest of the week he plays a different type of 11 on 11. He is with his soccer teammates on that same football gridiron, running inside the yellow lines during practice and home games. 

 He has been on the varsity soccer team all four years of high school.  He also has a teammate who has been on the same team with him since his freshman year.  His name is Peter Lee (’12). “It feels great to have a dependable player on the field, and a great friend off the field.  He’s number nine on the field and number one in our hearts,” said Lee. 

Toward the end of the last year, after the devastating loss to our rival Westlake, Fuggit got a lot of voices in his ear about kicking for the football team. “My biggest influence on me kicking would have to be DJ Briscoe (’12),” said Fuggit.  Due to the recruitment of Briscoe, he became the kicker on field goals and extra points.

“There is no question in my mind, soccer comes first” said Fuggit.  On balancing the two sports, he answered “I just take it all in and live in the moment.”  The midfielder is very picky when it comes to his cleats so he sports Nike CTR360s that cost more than $150. He said, “They are so comfortable and they make me feel like a pro.”

It’s nice to have a coach on the field who can calm the team down in pressure situations. “He’s also liked and respected by all of his teammates” said Coach Lesko, the head coach of North Point’s varsity soccer team.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing FIFA 12 on PS3 with teammates and friends. He is also looking into multiple colleges that want him to either play soccer or kicker in football.