It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over

On Tuesday night, the North Point Wrestling team began its winter 2011-12 campaign. And here is was better way to start the season than facing Calvert and in-county rivals, the La Plata Warriors, the 3A/4A defending State Champions. North Point students and faculty all gathered to show their love and support. Little did they know how great of a match-up they would all be witnessing later on that night.

Coming into the match-up North Point knew this was big match. Around 5 o’clock things got underway as the Eagles first took on Calvert. These matches went by very smoothly for both squads as they both brought home wins. North Point Junior Varsity won with a score of 49-18, and Varsity won with a score of 69-3. After the beat down of Calvert, the wrestlers rested while the other two schools wrestled. During this time every wrestler had their eyes on prize and focused on the objective at hand. They were ready to give La Plata a run for its money.

As the other matches finished and Calvert left the building, it was time for the big showdown. North Point Wrestlers Colin Schirf (’13), Curtis Gibson (’12), and  Jhulian Hurst (’12) came out with a bang, each receiving a win, giving North Point a good lead and La Plata a rough time. As the night progressed, the Eagles weren’t able to maintain their dominance as they lost the lead and had to fight their way back to tie it up half way through.

At this point it was any team’s game, and North Point knew that as Kyle Gascon (‘14) came out and defeated his opponent 15-3, putting the Eagles ahead. Yet again, North Point found itself behind after a couple of wrestlers were defeated by La Plata in small margins. It wasn’t looking good, but with the home support and intensity factor through the roof, it was now or never to make a second comeback. North Point’s Malachi Edmond (’13) provided a huge 21-4 win for the Eagles, giving his team a lifeline. Then, Sean Mulloy (’12) and SeVaughn Carter (’12) both were able to pick up back to back decisions, giving North Point a 28-24 lead.

The next match-up was the most important of the night, as Kevin Gascon (’12), one of the many experienced wrestlers on the squad, took on La Plata’s Anthony Cable. This by far was one of the most intense and meaningful matches of the night. It was a nail-biter, because a North Point win would have meant a defeat over La Plata and an end to its eight year conference winning streak. Through two periods it was all North Point, but in the end Gascon found himself congratulating his opponent. So with that win, the final match would decide the winning team for the night. La Plata’s Josh Lopez took the match in the first period to give the Warriors the final victory.

“This isn’t something frown upon or to look down upon” said Kyle Gascon. North Point coming so close to beating La Plata is definitely impressive and the wrestlers that proved they can keep up with the best in the state. This is only the beginning for North Point Wrestling, as the team will have plenty more matches, as well as more opportunities to take down its opponents in the future.