North Point Winter Cheerleading Heads to State Competition

On Thursday, February 9, the North Point varsity winter cheerleading squad competed for the class 3A/4A south region title. Among the competition were La Plata High School, Chesapeake High School, Long Reach High School, South River High School, Northeast High School, River Hill High School, Broadneck High School, Marriot’s Ridge High School, and Glenelg High School. The top five teams were sent to the state competition, including the North Point Eagles.

Chesapeake High School placed first out of the ten teams, breaking South River’s regional win streak of many years. However, South River has also won the state title for many years, and is still in the running this year. Behind Chesapeake placed Marriot’s Ridge in second, South River in third, Broadneck in fourth, and North Point in fifth.

North Point’s routine was nearly perfectly. No one fell from their builds, and everyone landed their stunts. “Our routine went pretty well. There are little things that definitely need to be fixed, but overall it was really good,” said Allie Meadows (’12).

In order to achieve that nearly perfect routine, the cheerleaders practiced harder than they ever had before. Meadows stated, “We practiced every day over and over. We just really wanted to be sure that everything with the routine would go exactly as it was supposed to.”

Apparently, North Point would have placed first if not for a ten-point deduction before the Eagles even stepped on the competition mat to perform their routine. The Eagles allegedly spent a few seconds too long on the warm-up mat, costing them ten competition points.

Since the Eagles did not place high enough to compete at the state level for the Fall title due to a supposed judging fluke, many people felt that they had gained “what was rightfully theirs.” However, coach Mykel Jones stated that the girls were on a completely new and clean slate; “We’re just at a point now where they can’t deny us success because they’ve finally realized that we’re just that good.”

Jones also said, “We as an organization have a lot to persevere toward. We have a point to prove, and it will be proven at some time or another.”

The Eagles will compete at the state competition on Wednesday, February 15 at Westminster High School in Howard County.

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