The Season is the Reason: Student Athletes Prepare for Spring Sports

The Season is the Reason: Student Athletes Prepare for Spring Sports

As the little snow that North Point has seen this year begins to melt, and leaves start to grow back on to the wilted winter trees, athletes begin preparation for this year’s spring sports. Each student athlete prepares in their own way, and sometimes that’s what makes all the difference in each of their individual seasons.

Although spring sports don’t begin until March 1st, many athletes begin preparing in the fall, or even the summer. Sarah Ferrell (’12), who will be trying out for the varsity tennis team for the second year in a row, stated, “I play year-round; I’m on a junior team tennis league with the United States Tennis Association during the summer, and then from October through February I’m on an indoor junior team.” Ferrell also works with her private coach about once a week.

Several athletes also train with their friends who play the same spring sport as them. Will Knight (’13), who will be going out for the boys varsity lacrosse team for the third consecutive year this spring, said, “I’ve gone to lacrosse conditioning, run with my friend Kelly Martin (’13), and had throw-arounds at Connor Matthews’ (’13) house.”

Numerous student athletes also alter their diet and everyday activities to be better prepared for the spring season. “During the season I’ll only drink water, with exceptions of a protein drink or something like that,” said Ferrell; “I just think [eating healthier] in general makes you feel better.” “Protein has been an important part of my diet since I’ve started training,” added Knight.

Some athletes completely change their mindset to get themselves ready for the season. Austin Bentley (’14), who will be trying out for baseball for his second year in a row, claimed, “I stop my off-season training to get my mind straight and my mechanics ready. Going to the gym is my main aspect of preparation, but once there is one month left until March 1st, I have to figure=re out what I have to do in order to better myself and keep position in the line-up.”

Handling schoolwork is another main priority for a lot of student athletes. “I have to stay on top of my work and focus twice as much as I usually do to compete with the other players. I have to do my homework the very first day it’s scheduled, and I have to study after practice daily,” said Bentley. He uses the annual spring sports awards ceremony as his motivation to keep his grades up during baseball season; “When the coaches announce the GPA of each player individually, I have to be in that upper tier.”

Knight also deals with his schoolwork very differently during the spring season. “I try to get my homework done immediately after I get home to get my mind set for when the season starts so I can stay on top of things,” he said.

No matter what student athletes at North Point use as motivation, the point is they’re motivating themselves. Motivation is the key to success. So Eagles, get ready for another successful season from your spring sports teams!