New to the Season, But Not to the Game

As spring sports start up there are many new changes, such as the players, the uniforms, and most of all, the coaches. Baseball, lacrosse, and softball are all introducing, or reintroducing, coaching staff.

Mr. Kirby just started with the JV baseball team and is very excited about the opportunity. Kirby has much experience with the game of baseball. He has played his whole life. “I coached baseball back home in Michigan,” said Kirby. He has not yet coached at North Point because he was waiting until he was done with graduate school and for a position to open up.

The lacrosse team coach, Mr. Wichowski, has also spent a good portion of his life playing the sport. He started playing in fourth grade, continued all through high school, and finished up with two years in college. “I started coaching for the love of the sport and I always saw myself coaching,” commented Wichowski. He floats between both the varsity and JV teams. He is primarily the goalie coach. “I played goalie for twelve years,” he added.

Mr. Jones has come back to the softball team after a year’s break. “I missed it and I missed the girls and I felt like we could make a better team,” commented Jones. Along with Jones, four other coaches joined the softball coaching staff: Annie Corbelli, Richard Young, Robert Zayas, and Casey Ryan.

Many of the older softball players are very pleased to have Jones return this year. “He is a great coach and I am happy to end my last season of high school softball under his direction,” stated Aaliyah Bailey (’12). The goals for both the coaching staff and girls have adjusted to the new changes of the season. His goals? “To go deep in the playoffs and a make a possible run in the state playoffs.”