Varsity Football- Homecoming game

The atmosphere was electric with the music pumping through the PA system, cheerleaders and poms getting the fans into the spirit, the marching band entering into the stadium with drums pounding, and the teams warming up on the field.   


Then, a hush fell over the crowd as everyone turned to look at the Eagle tunnel. The announcement blared, “ladies and gentlemen, your North Point Eagles lead by captains Alijah Robison (’13), Brandon Battle (’15), Derek Lane (’13), and James Gupton (’13)!!!”  The crowd exploded in cheers and screams.


The Eagles played with a high level of energy, “The crowd helped a lot when it came to the guy’s sprit, it helped them play and help them get ready to play the game,” Coach Lane commented.  This showed from the opening kickoff as the hard hitting started right away.   The Eagles didn’t slow down at all as their defense picked up where the special teams left off. 


“Defensive was really good at being able to control them [Chopticon],” said Coach Lane.  When the Eagle offense took the field they continued the dominating play.  “Offense ran the ball and had thrown the ball well,” said Coach Lane.  The offense had outstanding performances from Derek Lane (’14), Travis Bonds (’13) Derrick Shaw (’14), Reggie Rogers (‘13), and Josh Adams (’13).  


With the first quarter soaring past the North Point Eagles were up 13-0 against the Chopticon Braves.  In the second quarter the Eagles scored quickly and then added 10 more points before halftime when the game was 30-0.  


During halftime, the homecoming court was announced, King DJ Lewis (‘13) and Queen Marcee Osborne (’13), the marching band played, and the Poms team performed.  “Poms did an great job! They had really good rhythm and helped to get the crowd really pumped up,” Maren Denyer (’15) commented. 


When the third quarter started, the Eagles scored a touchdown brining the score up to 36-0.  That didn’t’ last long though, Chopticon managed to squeeze through the Eagles defense.  Chopticon finally got on the board in the last 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter but missed the extra point.


The Eagles scored once more in the fourth quarter.  A hush fell over the crowd when attempting the extra point.  The snap and hold were perfect, the kick was up, and the extra point was good!  The crowd erupted into cheers.  The North Point Eagles won the game with the final score of 43-6.  The entire team delivered a dominating performance over the visiting Chopticon Braves.


Homecoming is all about hanging out with friends, watching great football, and just having a great time. “I had a super fun time! Knowing that it was my Senior year, I cheered really hard with all my friends the entire time,” Carly Mercer (’13) stated.