Cross Country Sprints to the Finish

Cross Country Sprints to the Finish

Lauren Bodamer, Staff Writer

The team is breathing hard, giving it their all. Around the bend, there is the finish line. The runners make a final push and sprint to the end. Ladies and Gentlemen, the North Point Cross Country Team! The team captains this year are D’atra Davis (’13), Jessica Nenno (’13), Patrick Jones (’13), Christopher Jones (’13), Bobby Keim (’13), and Garrett Davis (’15).

The team is led by Coach Ball. “North Point has had a program for eight years and I have been coaching all eight years,” Coach Ball stated. The boys are currently 5-0 and the girls are 5-1.

As of right now, with the season coming to an end, “…cross Country is just trying to get focused for SMAC,” Coach Ball commented. The boys are honing in on Thomas Stone and Leonardtown High School. The Girls have a different race in mind. Although they are focused on Leonardtown too, the other team that they are looking forward to racing against is Calvert High School. With both teams going for the win against Leonardtown “that would be a big win if won,” Coach Ball said. “Cross Country, it’s work, but it is fun, too.” “The coaches push us to be our best and focus more than ever now because of SMAC, but we still have a lot of fun,” Caleb Cotner (’15) commented.

With the season racing to an end, what will happen to North Point’s Cross Country teams? Will they take the win? Or get left in the dust?