Out With the Old, In With the New

Out With the Old, In With the New

As one season wraps-up, another beings. Start practicing dribbling basketballs on the court, lace up the dusty running shoes in the back of the closest, and roll out the wrestling mats. It is time for new teams and new star athletes to reach for glory as winter season sports start on November 15. So, calling all basketball players, wrestlers, swimmers, runners, Poms dancers, and cheerleaders: get pumped up to get some wins for your winter sports team.

So what should athletes do to start preparing for the intense upcoming try outs? Start by eating some yummy fiber and, of course, delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy will help prepare athletes to make it through the long stressful practices By the end of the week it will have them making free-throws with their eyes closed.

 Just like a student would study for the biggest test of the quarter, athletes should practice their skills for try-outs. That is the number one way for an athlete to prepare .Even if it’s just taking ten minutes a day to stretch out rusted muscles, practice will make perfect.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the clinics that some teams are holding in order to get athletes prepared and to scout out future players. The coaches and old teammates are there to help make students the best players they can be. The clinics give new athletes a chance to become familiar with their teammates and create a special bond between each other.

Most importantly, try to maintain acceptable grades. Coaches look for not only what athletes can do on their turf, but what they can do inside of their classes. It’s best to be the brains of the class and the star athlete of a team at the same time.

 It might not be easy to get back in to the swing of things, so athletes should take the time to start preparing for the try-out dates that are quickly approaching. Girls basketball player, Kiara Turner (’15) says “ I’ve already started training by going to the gym and practicing on my shots.”

It’s winter sports season so while the snowflakes are glistening outside, dazzle everyone  inside and become a winter sport athlete. It’s out with the old season and in with the new.