Fall Sports Playoffs: Methods to the Madness

The fall sport season is coming to an end – for the junior varsity players, that is. Now is the start of playoffs for the fall varsity players. Every team starts off with a clean slate. All the other games are in the past now. It is a brand new battle; the battle for it all: the championship.

Playoffs do not work the same for all teams. For example, the football team has to earn playoffs. Their record determines if they qualify or not. For teams like field hockey and soccer, they get to participate in playoffs regardless of how good or bad their record is. But their record does determine what seed they are in.

The 10-2 girls varsity soccer team placed third seed in the regional playoffs, so it will automatically advance to the second round. The team will be challenged by the winner of the Glen Burnie versus Old Mill High School game on October 30th. The 6-7-1 boy’s varsity soccer team will face Glen Burnie High School in the first round on October 26th. “Last year we were close to winning, but always fell short, whether it was because of the refs making bad calls or just some unlucky goals,” said Kyle Jones (’13). He and the rest of the players that were on the team last year know how it feels to be so close, yet so far. “This year I would like to be able to win and to try and go further than what we got last year, and hopefully avenge the team last year,” Jones added. Additionally, the 3-9 field hockey team will battle Broadneck High School in the first round on October 25th.

For the football team, the process of getting into playoffs is a little more complex. North Point, Broadneck, Meade, and South River high schools are all competing to get the fourth spot in the playoffs. One thing the team has to do is win the rest of its games left in the season. Meade and Broadneck still have to play each other. If Meade wins and North Point has won the rest of their games, then the two teams will have the same record. Even though their record would be the same, North Point would still get the fourth spot before them because they have more bonus points. Bonus points are won if a team beats a team that has beaten the original team. For example, if team one beats team two and team two loses to team three and team one beats team three then team one gets the points. The football team definitely still has a chance; they just need to complete the battles to win the war.

The sports may be different but the objective is still the same. Each team’s goal is to win it all, to see that banner hang from the gym walls or to have that ring glisten from their finger.