The Queen of Cardio

The Queen of Cardio

Senior D’Atra Davis is a run-aholic; she literally runs every day. She is known for her running achievements not just at North Point, but throughout Charles County. Her plan for the winter and spring is to create more achievements during track season.

Davis is a very competitive and dedicated runner.  In the fall she runs cross-country, in the winter, indoor track, and in the spring, outdoor track. Her freshman year in indoor track was when her running career began. Since then she has achieved a great deal of accomplishments. During her junior year she broke the school record in the 800 meter race for indoor track. She also holds the record for the 1600 meter race in indoor and outdoor. For her senior year of cross-country, she went undefeated in the regular season. She received first place in the SMAC meet as well as in the 4A East Regional meet. In the 4A state championship meet she placed 30th.

Out of all the three different cardio sports, Davis chooses outdoor track as her favorite. “I like the events in track better than three miles in cross-country, and I love being outdoors,” stated Davis. Contestants can run different events in track, unlike cross-country where everyone has to run three miles.

Running all the time is not an easy habit to get into. People, like Davis, have to enjoy it and do it for pleasure. “It keeps me calm and gives me something to always work toward,” she said. Davis does not just run in practice or at meets; she runs outside of school to train. “I really just follow the work out plan my coach has for me and I run every day.” It is important to practice at this sport because getting better is not easy. “The work you put in is not shown immediately,” Davis said. The best part of the sport is when she finally sees an improvement.

Running is something she wants to excel at and do when she goes to college. Davis finished her last year of high school cross-country on a good note by going to the state championship. Perhaps she’ll do the same thing in indoor and outdoor track.