Swimming Team Dives into Winter Season

“Swimmers take your mark…ERR!” The swim team is making a splash this year with a 5-0-0 season for both Boys and Girls Varsity. The head coach this year is Mr. Rivenburg. He has been a coach for seven years, with this year being his sixth year as head coach.  “It’s a lot of fun coaching the swimming teams, I definitely enjoy it,” Rivenburg commented. “It’s nice to see the growth of the swimmers, not just by the points, but by the time differences, and the confidence and technique levels that are built as well.”

In recent years both varsity teams have had three main rivals: La Plata High School, Leonardtown High School, and Huntingtown High School. “La Plata is a good team. They have a lot of strengths and it’s always fun to swim against them because we are all friends with them,” Ashlee LaTour (’15) stated.  North Point Girls Varsity has been a runner up in the Southern Maryland Athletic Conference (SMAC) and the regular season for the past three years. The Boys Varsity team was the regular season winner two years ago.  “We all support each other, and push ourselves to do our best so we can beat our times and just become a better team,” Myka Jones (’15) commented.

The captains for the Boys Varsity team this year are Jonathan Mitchell (’13) and Austin Fisher (’13). Along with the captains of the Boy’s Varsity team another swimmer to watch out for is Nick Essing (’14). The captains for the Girls Varsity team are Maddie Young (’13) and Madison Zabiegalski (’13).  Another Girls Varsity swimmer to keep an eye on is Ashlee Holt (’13).

In  LaTour’s words: “The swim team is just one big family and you really just become closer.”