Stomping Out Bullying and 100 Wins All In the Same Night

On Friday, January 11th, the members of the North Point Boys Varsity basketball team gave it all they had to win their game against Patuxent High School. The pressure was on the team to earn a milestone: its 100th win. The crowd was pumped and ready to celebrate a victory at the end of the night. When the first half ended, the team was already up 67 to 17.

The team was led by coach Jim Ball and captains Matt Bonds (’13), Marquis Wright (’13), and Tavon Wimbish (’13). They were successful as the final score was 101 to 27 against the Patuxent Panthers. Coach Ball said, “I thought we played well, I thought our intensity level was high. I think it was because it could have been our one hundredth win for the program.”

The star players of the night were Marquis Wright (’13), Daylin Davis (’13), and Matt Bonds (’13). The first basket of the night was made by Daylin Davis, #22. “We played hard and won hard that’s all any of us could of asked for,”said Devin Allen (’14).

“The basketball game was really awesome; I had so much fun. My favorite part was definitely how a lot of players spoke up after the game about their one hundredth win. I also liked how they talked about Stomp Out Bullying during half time, and how # 54 scored the winning point from half court. It was a really fun and exciting game,” said Madison Boelke (’15).

During half time, there was a special presentation dedicated to the Stomp Out Bullying campaign. Students displayed the paper chain that was created collectively earlier in the school year. Additionally, two students gave a talk about bullying and how it can be stopped.

“The game was intense but all the players did the best they could and gave it all they got,” said Coach Ball.

“I don’t think the team could have done any better than we did on Friday night,” said Jawan Howze (’13).

After the game was over there was a special presentation for the team about its hundredth win. Coach Ball was presented with a special plaque for the win.

“The after-game presentation of the plaque, which was presented by the players, was the most special thing about the game for me,” said Coach Ball.