Wrestling – In for the Win

With majority of wins in the first two weeks of the season, there is much hope for North Point’s wrestling team.  Having already beaten some of the North Point’s biggest wrestling rivals, and being the ranked 3rd public school team statewide last year, what is it going to take for the Eagles to make it a continuously memorable season?

Mr. Pauole coaches the team with the assistant coaches Mr. Leonard, Mr.Gascon, Mr.Satchell, and Mr. Neal. Although most of the coaches are teachers at North Point, they all come with impressive wrestling backgrounds. With all the coaches being wrestling champions at some point, they have great expectations for their athlete to achieve better goals.

Already, coach Leonard has been impressed with his team. “The guys have pulled together and pulled some wins on some pretty good teams,” said Coach Leonard. “Everyone on the team is a star.” The team has already beat two of its top competitors in the season with a 37-33 win against Northern and a 34-23 win against Huntingtown.

The wrestlers have great expectations for themselves as well as their teammates.  This year the team already has 8 wins and 1 loss, putting it in a better position than ever. There is a good chance that the team can make it to the State Champions just like in previous years.

Already the team is looking forward to the post-region dual championship and SMAC regional championship. For the rest of the season, the coaches just want the boys to do their best in hopes that they make it even farther in championships than in the previous years.