Winter Sports Race to the Finish

Individuals on winter sports teams have worked hard to try to be the best players out there. Not everyone on the team has made it as far as they have and they made it known. The proof of their hard work and success will be symbolized by a medal, trophy, or ring.

For the first time in North Point history, the girls’ basketball players are state champions. Getting past the final four has been their achilles heel for quite some time. The final score of the game was 62-56.  Tasia Butler (’13) was the leading scorer with 24 points.

The swimming team had a good amount of people advance to the state-level competition. The participants are as follows: Jonathan Mitchell (’13), Nick Essing (’14), Ray Blandford (’13), Austin Fisher (’13), Christian Fisher (’16), Malik Johnson (’15), Ricardo Summers (’15), Ashley Holt (’13), Madison Zabiegalski (’13), Madeline Young (’13), Noemi Arquero (’15),  and Ashlee Latour (’15). Essing and Mitchell were the only two who finished in the top ten.  Essing swam in the 100 meter race and Mitchell swam in the 50 meter race.

For seniors, this was their last chance at states for high school swimming. “The experience in states was really emotional,” said A. Fisher. “It was bittersweet because I was doing it for such a long time and it is over, but it is good to have a break.”

For wrestling, the wrestler who finished the highest was Tyler Morgan (’14). He finished third in the state championship. Morgan said, “It was not that bad,” when describing the difficulties in competing in states. “The hardest part was the first match.” Morgan also said that it felt good to finish in third place and do the best on the team. Malachi Edmund (’13) finished fifth in the finals, and Colin Scherff (’13) and Andrew Lohr (’13) both loss in the second round of consolation (the losing bracket). “The team did well, everybody made it to the second round of the tournament,” said Lohr. If a wrestler did not win two matches then they did not continue on to the next day of the tournament.

Indoor track came up with three state champions, Mercedes Tillman (’13), Danielle Baker (’13), and Denzel Hill (’13). Baker said, “I had to train hard at every practice and when I got to the meet I just put my all into it and used everything I had.” Baker is proof that when you want to be the best you have to work hard during every practice.

The boys’ basketball team advanced to the semifinals at the Comcast Center on March 14th. For the second year in a row the team faced Eleanor Roosevelt High School. Roosevelt defeated the boys in the final four last year and unfortunately history repeated itself this year.

Throughout the seven and a half years that North Point has been open, the school currently has won eight state championships with many regional titles and SMAC championships as well.