Varsity Baseball Steps up to the Plate

Stepping into Mr. Nadolsky’s room during NEST feels like walking into a locker room before game time. All of the tables and chairs are occupied by members of the Varsity Baseball team, decked out in jerseys emblazoned with the North Point colors. There is a cacophony of sounds as the players talk over one another, discussing strategy, rivalries, and how this spring season can be better than their last.

The team hits the baseball diamond for practice six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. The players are led by head coach Mr. Chichester, who teaches swimming. “He has a lot of experience,” said Kevin Hodgson (’13), the team’s pitcher. “We trust everything he says.”

Last year, the team’s record was 22-4. This year, the players have big plans to go all the way. “We want to put a banner up in the gym,” said Nate Hoxie (’13). That sentiment was also echoed by other players, including Ryan Bruce (’13). “I’m looking forward to SMAC (the Southern Maryland Athletics Conference tournament),” commented Josh Hamilton (’13). “I need SMAC. We need to put something out there.”

A few hurdles lie between Varsity Baseball and the SMAC Championship. “Our biggest challenge is probably duplicating the run we had last year,” said Hodgson. “Our biggest internal challenge is keeping our focus.”

Another challenge for the team is becoming victorious over its staunchest rival, La Plata High School. “They are always able to put a good team out on the field and every time we play it’s a hard fought game. “ Two years ago, La Plata was good enough to reach the state 3A championships, only to fall to James M. Bennett High School. The April 22nd game against La Plata is one of the most hotly anticipated matches of the season. Another must-attend game is the May 3rd showdown against La Plata high school.

When June comes, will the team hang its very first championship banner in the gym? Or will it strike out? Stay tuned.