Our Goal’s Keeper

Dribble, pass, shoot, Save! This is typically what you think of when you hear about Tailor Gammons (‘17), the Starting goalie for North Points Girls Varsity Soccer team. She is one of the three freshmen on this year’s team.

She has been playing soccer since she was about four or five years old. On her old teams, she says, she was always put in goal but didn’t mind. After a while she enjoyed being the goalie and she likes being able to watch the field. Now as the varsity goalie, Gammons (’17) does what she does best, along with the help of her team. “Saving a goal against a really tough team feels good,” she says.

When asked about her reaction about making varsity Gammons says “I had a good feeling about making the team and a new goalie was needed.”  Her favorite part about playing on the varsity team is that she gets to play with other girls that are more experienced. “It’s a lot different because normally I play with people my own age.” But she is well adjusted to the team and the other members highly respect her as a part of their team.

When asked what was one of the best aspects Gammons (’17) brings to the team, Sydney Patterson (’14) said “She’s young, so she has a desire to play. She works really hard to prove to everyone that she deserves to be out here.”

One of the more experienced players she plays with on her team is her older sister Alayna Gammons (’15), who was also a freshman on varsity two years ago. “As a player myself, I have so much respect for her, and I wouldn’t trade playing with my little sister for anything. It’s an experience like no other.”  Tailor Gammons (’17) likes playing with her older sister because she normally doesn’t on her other teams. “Since she plays in the back with me, I get to boss her around,” says Gammons (’17) jokingly.

To gammons soccer is soccer and she loves to play no matter what. Her advice to younger players aspiring to be on varsity: “Just be confident and don’t hesitate because that’s when you mess up. Play confidently in everything you do and just go for it!”