Everything Pink

It takes a real person to wear pink. Males and females this month have been rocking the color pink. It has been known as a color that is in relation to females and being girly, but for the month of October pink has been a universal color for breast cancer awareness month.

All sports have been showing their support. Cheerleaders have been wearing their pink bows, the football team has been wearing pink Under Armor, and the soccer team wore t-shirts. Every team has showed their support one way or another, but the JV and Varsity Volleyball teams decided to dedicate a whole game to breast cancer awareness. Both teams came out decked out in pink jerseys, headbands, and a pink volleyball.  

So what exactly is dig pink? It is volleyballs way to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Most of the proceeds from the games went to research. Any school that has a volleyball team can do it during the month of October and North Point’s teams decided to do it during their game against Thomas Stone. All the girls seemed to really be into the game because there was a cause behind it.

Junior Varsity played first and they won their game. Tianna Thorpe (’16) had the biggest smile on her face when her team scored their twenty-fifth point. “Dig Pink is to help with breast cancer awareness. It really needs to be stopped. I know people that have it and that have died from it. We need a cure”, stated Thorpe (’16).

After junior varsity played it was varsity’s turn to show off the pink. The crowd and the team were both yelling, “All ace; you know” meaning they scored on their serve. This was shouted very often. In other words varsity won their game as well.

After the game team captain Brelynn Hunt (’14) shared, “Of course my team plays to win, but we planned to make this game more interesting. Practice has been devoted to this game. It is our favorite game of the season because we are plays not only for ourselves, but people that need a cure.”

All the girls fought to win. Their support will help with a big epidemic. Remember anyone can dig pink.