Cheering Runs in the Family

From every count, to every cheer, they have been together. Eve and Maya Moten are sisters on North Point’s varsity cheer squad. Eve Moten is a sophomore and Maya Moten is a freshman. They have been cheering on the same squad together since they began cheering, with the exception of last year. Outside of North Point Cheer, Eve and Maya cheer for the Crimson Heat here in Maryland.

The sisters are very similar and enjoy doing things together.  “A lot of the times we aren’t together in routines because of our positions but this year were always together,” says Moten (’16).  They both cheer in the same positions as bases.      They are always talking to each other giving one another tips or thoughtful words of encouragement. Moten (’16) and her sister find themselves practicing not only with their competitive teams, as well at home with each other.

The dynamic duo share a lot with each other, and spend a lot of time together. “It is always fun to have someone there I can talk to,” says Moten (’17). Last year Moten (’16) was a freshman and her sister was in eighth grade.  This was the first time the Moten sisters had not been on the same team together. “It was kind of weird because I had to make new friends,” says Moten (’16).  Not only was it different for her but it was different for her younger sister as well. “Sometimes I could not always relate to the problems she was having on the team,” Moten (’17) said.  This year, Moten (’17) is a freshman on North Point’s varsity cheer squad, like her older sister once was. A positive aspect to having an older sibling on the team is there is someone there to show you the ropes. “During tryouts, she helped me a lot throughout the process,” says Moten (’17).

Sisters on and off the mat, this pair is like no other.  It’s always good to have a friend; especially one you can call a sister.