The Eagles Charge on the Homefront

Friday night was business as usual for the North Point Eagles, with the exception of celebration of the seniors on the North Point Poms Team, Track team, Varsity cheerleading squad, and the North Point Varsity Basketball team. The seniors were each given bouquets of flowers and escorted by their loved ones through the infamous grand eagle. The North Point Varsity Basketball team celebrated eight seniors including Devin Allen, DeJuan Davis, Ochae Dejene, Christian Queen, Justan Randolph, Derrell Reid, Marquise Watts, and Shane Willams. The North Point Eagles faced The Lackey Chargers in their last home regular season game.

 The game tipped off with an intense first quarter. The Eagles struggled to stay on top with several miscommunication errors that enabled the Chargers to use those opportunities for points. But late in the first quarter the Eagles turned up the heat ,making good stops and speeding up their offense. The Eagles defense held strong against lackey offense with aggressive rebounds and charging the basket.

 Also, the Eagles were hot from the foul line, which helped them keep their lead on the Chargers. North Point also had several three point plays from the foul line including Sophomore Malik Brown who was fouled and then went to the free throw line and shot another for three points. North Point Senior guard Ochae Dejene scored twelve points, six of them coming from two three pointers in the first half. Devin Allen also scored big with ten points, who also was a strong asset to the eagle defense. Another asset to the Eagles game play was Freshman Jalen Gibbs, who really came alive in the second quarter.

In the end, the Eagles sent the chargers home with a loss, the final score 68-51. Overall it was a true senior night, each of the seniors making plays to be remembered, and leading the Eagles to victory.