Sneak Peak into Lacrosse Season

Brianna Butler, Staff Writer

Varsity is jammed pack with seniors this year that will be entering their last season of their high school career. The team is looking forward to a lot of things this season. James Walmsley (’14) said, “I am looking forward to team bonding. The brotherhood is important to me. On the field against our hardest competitors I want it to be like 300 and we come out the victors! Also, I would like a leadership position.” While Walmsley is looking forward to fighting to the deaths, Patrick Smith (’14) is looking forward to doing better than I did last year and improve skills.

The season will be full of fun and hard work, but there is always room for improvement. Just because these seniors have reached the last stretch of their senior year they are not just relaxing playing around this season. The LAX boys are trying to establish their legacy for the new comers next year. “My goal this season is to end the season with a winning record and leave a solid team for the juniors next season”, said Clayton Thornton (’14). Malachi Sheppard (’14) wants to leave North Point with a different team (better than the one before). He wants to beat all in-county teams and gain some underdog wins from some of the out of county teams. Andre Mullings (’14) is all about leadership; he said “This season my goal is to be a leader and to set a good example for all the juniors and sophomores. I will try my best to give North Point Lacrosse their first winning record.”

North Point high school can expect to see a lot out of the boys’ varsity lacrosse team this season, and when they leave they will have a younger team eager to take the lead. “Not only do I want to work on my skills but I also want to make a good impression on the younger team members who will be here when the senior leave,” commented Titus Morgan (’14). The team is filled with a lot of energetic and strong headed young men ready to take the season head on.