Girls Soccer team claims SMAC Champion Title after defeating the Patuxent Panthers

Deveren Manley II, Staff Writer

The girls soccer team capped off a perfect season after defeating Patuxent on Tuesday, October 21. The team this year has made it a point to build on last year’s weaknesses and to work hard in order to make a run for the state title. This year the team has shown they have what it takes to be successful. Their record speaks for itself. This is not the only thing that makes this team special. The team’s senior leadership is what sets them apart from their competition.

Senior leaders like Kyra Cooke have been able to be an extension of the coach and make plays for the team as well as set an example for everyone around her. Kyra is a special player and a key leader on the team. She leads her peers not through words but through action. “My teams success does not surprise me. Everyone on my team has been willing to work hard and I believe in my team” Kyra said. She added “I like to visualize my assignments. I try to follow my coach’s game plan to a T.” She constantly makes plays on the field, whether it is at forward trying to score or playing field as a defender. When tough times arise, Kyra stays calm and helps the team fight through it.   She has a team first attitude and shows she deeply cares for the players around her. This makes it easy for them to follow her. Kyra’s talents have been earned her a scholarship to Butler University in Indiana. She plans to attend their school in order to earn a psychology degree in order to become an industrial psychologist.

Since the beginning of the year the girls have had one goal in mind, which is to win a state title. From the start of the season, the seniors realized the amount of focus it takes to accomplish this goal and have taken ownership of their team. When head Coach DeCook is asked about the team’s attitude as whole, he responded “The overall team attitude is all for one and one for all. The girls really believe in the team philosophy and what we are trying to bring to the program. They also genuinely believe in themselves.” Older players on the team use their experience to better the players around them making it easier for younger players to come out and excel on the field. The combination of leadership, experience, and energy brought to the field makes them lethal as they head into the playoffs.