Butterflies and Goodbyes


Kylie Green ’15 Photo taken by Ms. C. Smith

On Friday January 9th, the Boys and Girls varsity swim team made a big wave over the Northern Patriots as they swam their last meet at home. This night was full of triumphant events as well as sentimental value. It was the last meet for the seniors at home and they honored all thirteen of them before the start of the first event.

While the feeling was bittersweet, that did not stop the Eagles from putting on an exciting meet. North Point took first place in over half of the events in the meet. Junior Christian Fisher (16’) made quite the impression as well. He beat his personal time of 1:08.62 in the men’s 100M breast stroke by a whole second. Fisher clocked in with a new time of 1:07.88.

Although it was a big night for seniors, the underclassmen on the team also added a great boost in moral and energy for North Point as they swam with and cheered the seniors on in and out of the pool. “I’m happy we had such a great time,” says Noemi Arquero (15’) who’s been swimming competitively for 7 years and swam for North Point all four years. “This season to me is more of finding out where I am now and finding out where I can go.” Arquero was a part of several events in which she placed first in the Women’s 200 and 500 free. She also came in first with her other teammates Carsen Essing (18’), Hannah McMillen (18’), and her sister Carla Arquero (17’).

Just because this is the last home meet for the swim teams does not mean they are finished with the pool just yet. They still have three meets left in the regular season at Lackey High School. “This season means a lot because it is my last year here,” Mentions Chris Johnson (15’). “It’s my senior year and I am trying my very best. I want to break records,” he says, “I’m not there yet, but I’m getting there.” Johnson not only expressed his personal goals but also said that he is trying to put his best foot forward to contribute to the team.

North Point swim teams intend to train hard over the next few weeks to finish out the season strong. This night was just a snippet of more to come.