Lady Eagles Continue their Winning Streak

Alex Huibsch, Staff Writer

On January 28, the girls basketball team rallied ahead of last year’s class 4A state finalists, Northern. The ladies left with another win against, the Northern Patriots, who ultimately drew a close match, scoring a 17-2 lead in the early start of the game and a 40-35 lead over the Eagles early in the fourth quarter. Despite the Patriots’ lead, Coco Hope (17’), who plays guard, carried her team by ultimately bolstering 15 of her game-high 21 points. In the fourth quarter, Hope (17’) knocked down three, three-pointers which ultimately earned the Eagles 59 points. The final score, 59-50, left the Patriots with a loss; and the Eagles with a much deserved win.

Michael Serpone, the head coach of the Lady Eagles responded to Hopes game changing lead, “At that point we needed to start making some shots… We had missed some open looks, so it was good that she could hit some open shots. What was even bigger was our team defense. We were able to force some turnovers to finish out the game.” Hope (17’) also reflected upon her performance, “I just had to settle down because I wasn’t making any shots at first… I know my team counts on me so I had to start shooting and not even think about it.” included Taylor Hightower (15’) and Ciara Bryson (16’) who both played forward, helped to boost the team to its victory. “Whenever I’m patient and my teammates pass me the ball I’m able to finish at the rim,” Bryson said. “In the fourth quarter, we really turn things around with our full-court press.” Ultimately, control shifted between both teams with the Lady Eagles getting the win at the end of the game. After defeating last year’s 4A state finalists, the Lady Eagles are scheduled to face Calvert at 6:30 on the 30th of January.